Tina O'Connell and Neal White present 9 Events, a series of experiments and observations, talks and films drawn from their on-going artistic interest in the raw resources that are a key index of wealth in a market based society - from oil to diamonds and gold. The work is made in the context of emerging ideas of environmental and geological change within the flood of unchecked global capital.

As with other works and projects undertaken by the artists, the space is used as a platform through which temporality can be explored. In this sense, the use of the RCA's Dyson exhibition space and its wider context for the presentation on objects or artefacts is reconfigured through perspectives of energy, action and reaction, collapse and control, via simulation, derivation, extraction and exchange.

1.Audio Soundscape. Anna Troisi with Office of Experiments. Seismic Data and Super Collider
2.Four elements and two events. Extract from Deep Freezer. O’Connell and White 2016
3.Bitumen Sample, Teflon Sheet, Cable Ties and Gravity.  O’Connell and White 2016
4.Hand Blown Glass Chemists Sphere, Bitumen Sample, Cable Ties, Bungee and Gravity.  O’Connell and White 2016
5.Selected extract from Rio Tinto presents ICE DIAMONDS. information film replay in slow motion. © RIO TINTO ZED 2013
6.Deep Freezer Casts, Bitumen Samples, Wall, Bungee, Cable Ties and Gravity.  O’Connell and White 2016
7.Experiment with Liquid Nitrogen, Bitumen Sample. 10 minutes.  O’Connell and White 2016
8.Entombed Archeological Objects. London Riots, Brixton 2011. Department of Catastrophe. O’Connell and White 2016

With thanks to Colab at Bournemouth University and University of Reading.
Samples donated by Total Bitumen.



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