‘…if we really engage in storytelling as a sym-poietic practice, which is propositional and invitational, then we have a chance for re-worlding. Play always involves the invitation that asks ‘are we a “we”’? A “we” that does not pre-exist the propositional risk and testing.’ (Donna Haraway, 2015)

This conference explores the various ‘worldmaking’ practices of play and performance in their diversity - performance art, dance, sports, and games - from a feminist materialist perspective. How does play engender innovative and emancipatory social practices and invite us to rethink the social political challenges we are facing? Play and performance, as Haraway argues, are ‘worldmaking’ practices, premised not on the already there, nor on a story of origin - a true identity, a unified people, a nature prior to capitalism - but on a people who belong to the future. As workings of fiction, play and performance cannot be reduced to the binaries of true and false, playfulness and seriousness, real life and staged life. 


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