Glad to know that my seismic sounds will continue shaking the building of the "Objectif Exhibitions" Gallery in the exhibition of Neal White "Sites of Excavation and Construction" 13 November 2015–16 January 2016
Great intense gig of Non-recursive The Engine Room for Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe can be listened here:

. Next gig will be 28th of January for the "Interdisciplinary Research week 2016", @BU

Thanks to EMERGE and the Colab where we rehearsed.

The programme included explorations of hardware-hacked devices, simple electronic instruments, data networks and basic sensors to augment and inform laptop improvisations, immersive fixed-media soundscapes 
Performances were by a selection of artists connected to Bournemouth University who use technology as part of their creative practice. 
Performers include:
Anna Troisi,
Antonino Chiaramonte,
Rob Canning,
Bill Thompson,
Ambrose Seddon,
Tom Davis,
Visuals by Kavi,